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Advanced Analytics
Where Product Meets Purpose.
RNV Analytics' products have been used in various sectors Easy integration Product-market fit Scalable

We show companies how their inventory should be “apportioned“ among individual stores effectively

No matter how well retailers plan their merchandise assortment, they can not achieve maximum profitability without taking a scientific approach to allocate their inventories among individual stores. Click for details…

Product Recommendation

For e-commerce customers, product recommendation and basket analysis services

For affinity and higher revenue, our algorithms with machine learning capabilities help you satisfy customer needs.


Weather Sensitive Algorithms

If you are interested in looking ahead to coming weather, try a simple version of the forecast the weather

An organised collection of weather information, often collected over time that is organised in such a way that it is can be easily accessed, updated and managed for your decisions.


Customer Segmentation

Data driven customer behavior segmentation

Segment customers based on when their last purchase was, how often they’ve purchased in the past, and how much they’ve spent overall with data enrichment and machine learning algorithms.

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Mobile Analytics

In app behaviour’s of customer

Revenue opportunities and cost optimization through forecasting the next moves of customers.

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